What will they do when they grow up? Employability and the academic experience


The imminence of a Teaching Excellence Framework in the UK is placing our existing bundle of metrics under fresh scrutiny. Hence recent attention to employability, measured now by the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, which tracks down graduates six months after they have received their degrees.

We’re all familiar with DLHE data: in the coming weeks I, like thousands of other academics across the country, will be quoting figures at open days. I’ve also been to plenty of meetings at which ‘employability strategy’ has been code for ‘getting the right graduates to complete DLHE’.

Johnny Rich, meanwhile, is the latest of a long line of critics to argue that DLHE is a poor proxy for a measure of employability. Rich’s timely report, Employability: Degrees of Value, argues that graduate employment is a very different thing from employability. Moreover, focus on the former, since it produces our…

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The Human Script Blog Tour 2015: The Final Stop

Red Button Publishing

The Human Script and author Johnny Rich have been on a blog tour this week and it seems only fitting that the last stop should be back home on our own blog here at Red Button.

Many thanks to the bloggers who have hosted us this week: Jo and Jaffa, Thom Cuell, Alix Long and Stephanie Cox. You can get links to the entire blog tour here.

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Now, to round things off − here’s Johnny!


Q: What were your expectations of being published and how do they compare to the reality?

The Human Script took a long time to get published. Everyone had told me getting a literary agent was the really tough part, but for me that happened very easily. Three top agencies were vying to represent me within months of finishing the manuscript, so I was pumped up with hubris…

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The Human Script by Johnny Rich

A(nother) very favourable review of my novel, The Human Script…

Words Are My Craft


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Red Button Publishing for sending me a Kindle review copy of the book, it is much appreciated!

London in the spring of 2000: Chris Putnam, a young scientist working on the Human Genome Project, is grieving for the end of his first relationship and the loss of his deeply religious and estranged father. Then Chris falls in love and his twin brother goes missing. Events take Chris on a journey from the hallowed halls of scientific research via decadent art-scene parties and London’s Theatreland to the cold loneliness of a psychiatric hospital and ultimately to a desperate decision. What Chris discovers about himself and his world forces him to address his own nature, his own beliefs and his own reality.

In The Human Script science, philosophy, literary theory and religion intertwine in a poignant and tragic love story that asks the…

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